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Mi casa

Personal questions don't bother me. I just lie.Fishism

30 July 1984

Maybe She's Born With It, Maybe It's Fangfaceandrea.

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I'm From Colombia and for national security reasons, meaning I'm not feeling too secure in my nation I will no longer show my e-mail address.

I watch too much american Tv for my own good
I'm Obssesed With all things Buffy, specially Spike!
I spend toom much time Online for my own good.
I love reading good Buffy fanfiction.
I'm learning french and Italian
I spend way too much time of the day thinking about Spike for my own good.
I'm not really good with words.
You'll find that almost everything on my Journal that has to do with my RL is written in Spanglish.
I can't live without music, sadly lately pretty much all new music is crap so I'm going retro.
Odd as it sounds I do have a life outside my TV obssesion, but must people in it don't share it so I'm lucky and thankful for LJ and Yahoo groups.
feel free to friend me.
YNP! Canyon staff 2006