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The Game of Thrones fandom is such a mixed bag.

But I'm glad I found my corner of the fandom, I just wished we had more members because I feel like there's a lot of people missing the Podsa fluff.

It's also weird how people no longer just comment on each other's fic or thoughts anymore. Or if they do it rapidly becomes a battle to accuse each other of all sorts of sins.

That's very sad to me, especially coming from the Spuffy fandom, which was filled with so many wonderful people and at some point I felt like I knew everything about everyone else's lives. and I wanted to share my love for everything they wrote and designed.

Is this me feeling old?

Sure as hell feels like it.

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Nocturnal - A Podsa Ficlet

So, voilá, a little Happy Valentine’s Podsa ficlet right out of the oven for my fellow Podsa lovers. 

He twitches in his sleep, her husband.

And it’s one the cutest things he does, though she won’t tell him that. That’s something she’ll keep to herself for now. But she does find it cute; because he makes these faces like his dreams are fun and happy and she gets to witness that. And she finds it funny because he’s not twitchy in his wakeful hours.

No, he’s soft and steady when he walks beside her. Proud and encouraging when he looks at her from across the room. Strong yet caring when he kisses her, when he loves her.

Oh, Brienne and Podrick himself have regaled her with tales of his clumsiness on a horse in their earlier days, of how he didn’t know how to cook a rabbit or hold a sword properly and she can see it, if she squints. He was shy when he was around her in Kings Landing, following Tyrion and Bronn around like a faithful puppy, but he seemed so different to her afterwards.

Brave and kind and patient, her knight in not-so-shiny-armor, coming to her rescue just when she had stopped believing in knights and could barely hope for the existence of good men.

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DT dailies

Five Times Podrick touches Sansa (or the -ing series)

I decided to try to do one of these five times that something happens and one time it (Blanks) stories.

All chapters belong in the same universe and they will be pretty much canon compliant but not chronological.

'She keeps crossing all these invisible lines with Podrick, she realizes. He’s the only other man that gets to touch her beside her brothers. He was there when she couldn't take it anymore; he was there when she wanted to fight back; today he literally picked her up.'

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GoT: Fanfiction - Promises, Kingsguards and goodbyes.

“Sansa has marriage intentions?” was the surprised question from Ser Davos.

Bran seemed to think about it for a little and wistfully looked at the entrance of the council room before answering “Sansa made promises to someone, The Queen in the North is considering whether taking action on those promises is right for her and the kingdom.”

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So, there was more of this little universe where Pod and Sansa long for each other from afar. There's a lot more in my head too but writing is seriously hard and it takes time. Makes me appreciate the rest of you fanfic authors out there a hell of a lot more. Hopefully I'll add to this some more.

DT dailies

GoT Fanfiction: A (K)night on the road

Once again the head canon makes stay up at night writing these ideas where Sansa and Pod bond, and sneak smiles at each other because why wouldn't they? they could have been adorable together:

“Wha- what in the hells are you doing here?”
“Trying to save you from yourself, apparently. Oh! and Podrick wanted to let you know you’re an idiot”

This was inspired by that conversation post on Tumblr where Pod decides he's going to bring Ser Dad back. You've seen it. I couldn't get it out of my head.

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GoT: Fanfiction

So, after about 10 years since my last attempt at writing fanfiction, GoT did something to me. Sansa did something to me and the idea of Podrick and Sansa did a lot of things to me, which means I have been writing fanfiction. It's weird.

Mostly because I cant figure out how to post them on FF.net so all of them are on AO3. But LJ was my first home on the internet so of course I have to archive them here:

This first one was a silly reaction fic, totally jossed of course, post E4S8:

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